Precaution in Covid19 Era

Hello everyone, and welcome to what I hope is the first of many blogs. Primarily, as you will learn because I love to talk or type or is it speak and type? One way or the other, I hope you find this post at least entertaining if not informative. It is frightening to think that it was only December fourth, 2019, when the word coronavirus first seemed top be a topic for discussion among Alberta households. Consider how much our world has changed in just over twenty weeks.*

It is even more disconcerting when you consider that the first reported case in Alberta was March fifth. One month, one week and five days ago, our lives were irreversibly changed. What we do from this day forward will determine precisely how hard we will have to fight to return to some semblance of normalcy. I am not trying to be an alarmist today, merely a realist. Too many people still believe that they are “ten feet tall and bullet-proof.” Please spread the word that extremely fit athletes, and others who were otherwise robust individuals are losing their lives to this foe that does not colour within the lines. If you still want to be like those as mentioned above, then please, at the very least, consider others. By not following the rules of social distancing, hand washing, self-isolation etc. you are jeopardizing the health of others. Your friends, those you do not know, the elderly, the young, and those medically vulnerable are all depending on YOU to follow common sense.*

A little over a month ago, I foolishly thought to myself that the odds were slim to nil that a virus that originated in a land so very far away was likely to reach our shores. Sadly COVID-90 is here even though it arrived uninvited. I asked a knowledgeable friend about five weeks ago if this virus was cause for concern. He answered that although I should remain vigilant at the time, a real reason for worry was not yet evident. Five short weeks later, schools and businesses are shuttered. Major sports leagues are in limbo, and social distancing is a new normal. And the world is at a standstill, if not a very slow crawl. Individual lives have been “turned upside down,” and we have seemingly just begun. This unwanted guest is most assuredly affecting us all in unimaginable ways and now is the time for unrelenting vigilance.*

Much of the world was caught flat-footed when COVID-19 arrived at the door. I am grateful that I live in a country that responded so quickly and decisively to this quick-moving tide. It matters very little whether your attire consists of various shades of blue, orange, red, green or, for that matter, any colour in the rainbow, we all trumpet the red and white of the Canadian flag in this time of distress. Our politicians, medical experts, financial professionals, front-line workers, back of the house, and others are all working to help us heal and to minimize the devastating effects of our new reality.*

We often find ourselves caught up in the notion that we have very little or no control over our destiny. Our social circumstance often limits the people that surround us. Frequently our physical location can limit our possibilities in many areas of our life. Our possessions or lack thereof can often be a massive deterrent to our progress. But when it comes to this enemy, the people, places and things that surround us are of little consequence in our path forward. How we choose to act or not act can and will have a substantial effect on the outcome of this tragic set of circumstances.*

I am confident that all or at least most of us have heard the words of Nathan Hunt at the beginning of Mission Impossible movies. “Your mission should you choose to accept it…” Well, our mission is to keep a distance of no less than two meters from others. We ought to stay at home unless it is necessary to go out. We should wash or sanitize our hands on a routine basis. On a personal note, I have sung happy birthday to myself so many times; I think I may be humming it to myself in my sleep. (ROFL) The elderly, those with pre-existing health issues and others with compromised immune or breathing systems, are particularly vulnerable in these trying times. Respect their health, everyone close to them surely thanks you in advance. When you cough, it is generally accepted that you cough into your elbow pit (for lack of a better word). This is a stellar practice at all times, but in the age of corona, if it becomes challenging to adhere to this practice, may I suggest taping the back of one’s head to that area. Doctor Deena Hinshaw suggests you wear a non-surgical mask or other mouth-covering these days. You should follow her advice because she is not just another pretty face; she is also a brilliant lady.*

Above all, please don’t stop because it appears we are turning some magical corner. We are running a marathon and not a sprint. Please don’t take your foot off the gas pedal until our trusted medical professionals suggest it is prudent. The last several weeks have been tough on all of us. But if we relax before it is time to do so, we may well have wasted all of that sacrifice. Don’t stop until the time is right, we will either end up back where we started from, or heaven forbid worse off than we were. Follow the rules, and we all win, the bonus is that we all have the opportunity to control the outcome.*

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